Company Profile

Company Profile

PROSPEROUS ceramics factory is located in Chaozhou,which is the biggest porcelain table ware manufacturing base in China.With thousands of the porcelain culture,it pierced through the tradition of round and square shape.And the products are in unique style.
PROSPEROUS ceramics factory attach importance to create with more professional persons.Under the humanistic design tenet,it develops series of individuaed hotel table wares in unique styles for the well-known hotel in country and overseas,and supply more perfect management conditions for the customers.
PROSPEROUS ceramics factory carries out the international standard strictly and inspects and produces the goods with the manner of science and precise,and the energy of genuine,it also adopts the modern management modes and renovates the efficient manufacturing facility continually,in order to achieve the large production.



  • “陶瓷”的由来及区别

    陶器与瓷器的区别不在于有釉没釉,陶器可以 有釉,如汉代琉璃釉器(俗称:汉绿釉)、唐 代五彩琉璃器(俗称:唐三彩)等等。

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    第二十一届广州酒店用品展,潮州市振兴乐百家官网家 app 陶瓷实业有限公司携手兴隆源分厂在琶洲馆 5.1馆377-389号

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